Helstonburylogo crowd

“A big THANK YOU to all who supported Helstonbury 2017, making it the most successful ever, with an incredible £13,375 raised over the three day event...”

Paul Turton, Helstonbury Organiser

The Helstonbury festival is a fund raising event where proceeds are donated to the local community of Helston. We support as many, wide ranging initiatives as possible, donating to projects that address the needs of individuals and groups alike. We have been raising funds for the local community since 2001. Now in our 17th year, we are proud to report our most successful event ever, having raised £13,375. The ongoing success of Helstonbury is solely thanks to the tremendous support from the local community, as well as the hard work of volunteer’s and performers alike, which make it possible.


Applications for revenue funding can be made directly to the Helstonbury organisers, Al Rideout, Paul Turton and Simon Stone. We discuss all requests and assess needs to determine if a request is viable. We are always delighted to hear from members of the local community who are encouraged to contact us and make requests or recommendations for donations. Please get in touch through the email link below.


2018 promises to be a landmark year for Helstonbury, with donations already planned for a number of local causes.


We are very proud that Helstonbury donations over the years have helped many valid causes within the Helston community. These are just some of the individuals and groups we have helped to date.