Pirate FM Local Heroes Awards 2022

Not a better way to kick off the 20th Helstonbury celebrations than to receive this award in recognition of Helstonbury and what we have achieved. I have had the privilege of organizing and being at the forefront of what is now an event that I cherish with pride.

However, it’s not a one man show, this award is also recognition of Simon and Kim Stone and the staff of the legendary Blue Anchor for their continued support and dedication to the cause and without them Helstonbury would not be possible. All the Team Helstonbury’s who have always been there in the moment of need to ensure that Helstonbury is ready to rock when the flag goes up. All the bands and artistes who give their precious time to play for free without question. All the stage managers,the merch, the PR, the posters, the t shirt designs,the sound engineers, the list goes on, relentless support.

Pirate FM's Local Heroes Awards 2022: Fundraiser of the Year Award 2022
Fundraiser of the Year Award 2022

Not forgetting Big Al Rideout who I’m sure would have given a booming YEB!! and hopefully smiling down on this award. Holly Turton my devoted daughter wing man and eco warrior, always a good sounding board, always there x Mrs Helstonbury my amazing lady,rock and bestest friend who from the very first Helstonbury in 2001 has shared this amazing journey with me.

The biggest thank you goes out to all of you out there who have walked through those famous Blue Anchor doors and parted with your hard earned cash, all in the name of charity and in support of local causes a sincere £85 thousand thank you’s to you all.

So the count down is on, 9 weeks to go before the Big 20-22, it’s been 143 weeks since Helstonbury 2019 and within that a pandemic that put our lives on hold, loved one lost in such traumatic circumstances,it’s time to reflect and remember but also move forward and revisit some of the things we took for granted. The final pieces are falling into place, the line up almost complete, Ben and Jenine and the Staff of the Blue are looking forward to welcoming you all back in July. I look forward to raising the infamous flag and seeing you all on the Helstonbury dance floor.

once again…. Until then…. stay tuned
As always Mr T x


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