The Helstonbury App

We are very excited to announce that we now have a Festival App (well 2 actually) to guide you through the 4 days of the 2018 Festival. These Apps are FREE to download and use and they include information on the bands appearing, stage times and other helpful stuff.

Find it on iTunes / Apple:

Find it on Google Play:

(Please give the App a rating in the store if you find useful)

Search by time slot or stage

There is an example screen-shot of the Schedule for Sunday below. The first column shows band times in reverse order (with the headlining band at the top of the list). The middle column shows the name of the band playing and the third column shows which stage they are on. There is a toggle option at the top to view the schedule by what’s lined up for each of the Helstonbury Stages eg the Acoustic Stage, the Special Stage or the Cannon Stage.

Search by Band

The screens below show how it is possible to search for details about individual bands and performers. Just click on the name of the band you want to check out in the Bands list. You will then be taken to a page with information about that band. This page includes the option to flag the bands that you particular want to see with a love heart.

This fantastic resource was created for us by Helston lad, and Helstonbury fan, Michael Brown. For information on why and how he did it please see the article below:

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