A few words and thank yous.

Ladies and gentlemen of Helstonbury, after a week of reflection I just want to say a few words and thank yous. First of all having watched most of the “ live” footage (there is a lot out there) it goes without saying a MASSIVE thank you to all the bands, artists and young performers, who all gave up their time for free; each and every one of you were brilliant and without you it would not be possible. I would also like to make a special mention to BandEkoot for saving the day last minute after a cancellation, welcome to Helstonbury. After such a successful Helstonbury Does Jazz last year, it is now a permanent fixture of the weekend, and yet again a top night of Jazz performed by our very own Helston School Jazz Orchestra. A big thank you to Clive King and Sam for making it all happen. Thank you to Hollye Sangster and Holly Turton for organising the “ Helstonbury Introducing” Stage which showcased a night of young performers of the highest quality from within our community. Thank you to Scooby aka Andrew Plenty and the Helston Music Foundation Stage with exceptional performances from all the young bands of the future, Big Al would have been proud as…Speaking of which Saturday gave us the new Al Rideout Stage, in memory of the great man himself, the first band and honour bestowed to Luke Mills and Elementary Penguin. A full day of top quality live music on all 4 stages all coming to a gracious end with the Good Ol’ Fashioned Lover boys who “rocked” the AR stage and all and sundry within the four walls of the Blue Anchor to a fitting climax. Sunday started gently with our Sunday Service; we sadly said farewell to Rev Janice Honey Morgan after 3 years at the helm, we thank you for loyal and dedicated contribution to the Culdrose community and of course the Helstonbury Sunday Service and wish you and Brian well on your next adventure.

Another full day of top quality live music throughout on all 4 stages. I would be here all day if I tried to capture all of the weekend, however, I will thank all of those who help make it all happen. In no particular order;
Thank you to Anna Oliver from Fresca Marketing and Michael Brown for continually amending the ever-changing line-up and Helstonbury App.
MSL for the lighting and Ivan for the festive flags.Thank you to Adele Morgan for taking on the role of all Social Media, ensuring all the info was out there. Thank you to RH signs and Phantom screen print for signage and t-shirts. Thank you to Emma Baines and Holly for the amazing Helstonbury Goes Green t-shirt design, which some say best one yet.Thank you to our wonderful and amazing Terrorise girls, Briony, Emma and Daisy on the Merchandise stand, this year going contactless and online for the first time.Thank you to Hayley for making everyone look festive with your amazing face painting. Stu Macdougall for adding to the merch shop with personalized bottles and mugs.

A MASSIVE thank you to the Sound Engineers DREAM TEAM, Hoby, Chris, Darren, Mandy, Callum from Cabin Fever and the legend that is Carey Davies for making all 4 stages sound amazing all weekend, your dedication throughout is humbling. What can I say about our very own Jake Riding, who this year has been pivotal in so many things, not only did he take the amazing photos that has captured so many moments, but has designed and built our new amazing website, and created the online merch shop. Fortunately for Helstonbury Jake grew up with the festival and therefore can relate to everything we stand for, thank you, Jake, take a bow young man you did us all proud. A special SHABBY thank you to the Diva Sara Tripconey for yet another and amazing line up on the Acappella stage and allocation of wrist bands for all the performers.

A special thank you to my daughter Holly for her non stop enthusiasm and dedication, her drive to make us go GREEN and the introduction of the ECO friendly glasses was a great success and greeted with open arms from the bar staff, Holly is sort of my right-hand man so speak and sounding board and I enjoy every moment of this Helstonbury road trip we share together. A BIG thank you to TEAM HELSTONBURY, who every year turn up and help fill in all the important gaps that keep the Helstonbury machine lubricated, without you guys it would not be possible. SILENT DISCO, yet again was brilliant, big thank you to Al Dog Alice Allen and your crew for making it happen BIG SHOUT OUT, Simon, Kim, Ben, Jake and all the bar staff and security at the Blue Anchor, for keeping us watered, fed and safe throughout the weekend and allowing HELSTONBURY to take over arguably one of the best music venues around. The Blue Anchor is our spiritual home and long may it continue. On a personal note, so many highlights, and as per usual I never get a chance to watch the bands and artists in full. However, I do see and feel the unlimited love and friendship that is shared amongst everyone, as Evo said the camaraderie amongst the bands and artists is special.

As always humbled and privileged to see such a line up of magnitude to grace the Helstonbury stages. My highlights of the weekend were a new young band on Friday called NO ID, young, confident with excellent stage presence. I was made up to have our Flats and Sharps boys back again.
RIPTIDE, and their rendition of “Tribute”, HV as always, sharing a stage with Toby Rideout and Slung Together in honour of Al, and also Clarkesdale Contract playing raw blues. Stone Roots as ever, to mention a few( so many). Mrs Helstonbury, 19 years ago we started this for Lizzy, never in a million years….thank you x

MY FINAL THANK YOU, goes out to all you wonderful people who came down in your masses to support; I thank you for your patience and understanding with peak times, for parting with your hard-earned cash all in the name of Helstonbury, which in total raised £14,200.

A beautiful weekend shared with beautiful people, thank you all for your continued support. See you all next years dance floor for the BIG 20.

Love you all
Turtz x

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