Helstonbury Music Festival held in The Blue Anchor Inn every year, raising money for local cAUSES.


A few words from Al Rideout before he sadly passed away.

“It’s amazing that 18 years have passed since, what started out as a one-off gig in the summer of 2001, to raise money for a young lady and her electric wheel chair needs, has become not just an annual event, but a strong presence on Helston’s entertainment calendar.

A successful event requires two basic ingredients; great organisation and a great venue. Helstonbury was the brainchild of Paul Turton, who has worked tirelessly over the years to deliver an event Helston can be proud of. One that has exceeded all expectations in raising funds for local organisations and individuals. He alone sets the atmosphere and ethos by inviting bands, musicians and entertainers, who deliver quality live music throughout the three day event. Without Paul’s enduring driving force Helstonbury would not be what it is today; with its unique festival atmosphere the whole family can enjoy while raising money for some great local causes.

The Blue Anchor is a world famous pub. Known for its history and especially its onsite brewery and Spingo beer, it is the spiritual home of Helstonbury. Without the empathy and understanding of its manager Simon Stone, the past 17 years could never have happened. He has, along with his family and staff, provided a safe and well managed venue. Simon has continually invested in and improved the Blue Anchor over the years, enhancing the experience for its visitors. Thanks to Simons considerable effort, The Blue Anchor continues to thrive at the heart of Helstonbury.

Over the years, Helstonbury has received fantastic support from all areas of the local community, from both performers and audiences alike. Bands regularly travel from all corners of the UK to participate. Friday night has always been open to young people in full time education, from as young as 5 years of age. Many of our youngsters have gone on to greater things, making careers as professional musicians in their own right, it all started at Helstonbury.

Looking back over the last 18 years we have much to celebrate, and we look forward to building on our success and making Helstonbury an event to be proud of for generations to come.”

Al Rideout

Helstonbury 2022 Poster

Helstonbury 2022 Poster